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Sunday, August 28, 2011

[The Teen Book Scene Blog Tour] Teenage Garage Sale: Brooklyn, Burning by Steve Brezenoff

Hi guys! Today is my designated stop for The Teen Book Scene tour for Steve Brezenoff's Brooklyn, Burning and I'll be posting interesting stuff Steve will put up for a garage sale of things from his teenage years, if he's to have one.

Let’s start in the front. If you’ll just kneel down right here, you’ll find a cardboard box full to the brim of GI Joe action figures. I think it’s about time I got rid of these, as I’ve hardly touched them in years and honestly it’s pretty embarrassing how many I still have. I’ll let them go for fifty cents a pop, or take the whole box for—let’s say—twenty five bucks. If you’re interested in some GI Joe vehicles, they’re lined up on the table to your right, priced as marked.

Over on this table, my CD collection. It’s impressively huge, I know, but my tastes are changing pretty quickly nowadays, and I have to make room. So here you’ll find everything from the first CD I ever bought—the Best of the Glenn Miller Orchestra; I practiced madly until I could play the trumpet solo from “String of Pearls” right along with the recording—to my Grateful Dead Collection, which is most of what you see here. In fact, this is only about a quarter of it. The rest is in that giant box in the corner. A dollar each takes ‘em away! But don’t touch anything from SubPop records. It’s not for sale.

Back here, on this rolling clothes hanger thing, is my collection of Batman T-shirts, and my jean jackets. I painted those jackets myself, and yes, they are now Batman jackets. They’re also collectors’ items. Probably. I’ll sell each jacket for fifty, but the shirts are a buck each. For the record, Michael Keaton is still the best Batman.

And that brings us to the end of our garage sale . . . unless you’re interested in a 1981 Honda Accord hatchback? I’ll even clean all the Taco Bell wrappers out of the backseat, no extra charge.


Steve has so much boy stuff! I'd actually be interested in that 1981 Honda Accord hatchback. Without the Taco Beel wrappers, please :) So what do you think? Will you buy some of Steve's stuff if he puts all of these in a garage sale?


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