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Friday, January 6, 2017

Mini review: The Summer Palace (Captive Prince #3.5) by C.S. Pacat

What a way to start 2017! I've almost forgotten about the short stories, but I saw CS Pacat's post on Facebook and I've never 1-clicked any book faster in my life until this came out.

Title: The Summer Palace (Captive Prince #3.5) by C.S. Pacat
Release Date: January 5th 2017
Published by: Gatto
Source: Bought from Amazon

Buy online: Amazon


Set after the events of the Captive Prince trilogy, The Summer Palace is a story about Damen and Laurent during summer. It's an epilogue of sorts to the Captive Prince series.

Captive Prince, as you may (or may not) know is one of my favorite reads in recent years. I don't think I've ever read anything like it and C.S. Pacat's writing is just divine. I've yet to post my review of the three main books in the Captive Prince series here but I am making an exception today as this is the first read that officially got me out of a year long reading slump and jumpstarted my 2017 quest to get back to book blogging and basically loving books again.

After the end of King's Rising, many fans were craving for more material to read about our beloved pair, Damen and Laurent. If you are a fan like me, the end of King's Rising made you cry out in disbelief because you too couldn't believe it was over JUST. LIKE. THAT. There is another short story released called Green but for a Season but I find that this short story, the "epilogue", is what I'm really waiting for.

What do I say? I love everything about it. This short story filled the book shaped hole made empty when the series ended. I love how after everything that had happened between both Damen and Laurent, they had something to look forward to and now they're here, and every single moment they shared together brings a smile to my face. It is a happy ending, but I love how C.S. Pacat made sure to let the readers know that the past shaped what they have in the present and what they will have in the future, that it can't be forgotten and will always be with them, that it is part of them. There's closure, and then there's the two of them ready to face the future, together. And you know what made me happier? I love how Laurent is now more honest with himself and more open with what he wants! He can laugh openly now, and be more at ease with Damen.

Also: the bath scene just made me swoon. The tables were turned and OH BOY wasn't that interesting. Laurent never fails to amaze me every single time.

I don't know how she does it, but C.S. Pacat just makes every encounter between Damen and Laurent as intense as it can possibly get. I love how there's a softer, gentler edge to it now, but the scenes just take your breath away like always.

The Summer Palace also offered a look at what happened immediately after the events in King's Rising, giving us readers a more complete view of the story, tying loose ends and answering more of the questions we had in the third book. So if you were craving for more like I was, then this short story just staved off the hunger for details.

I am looking forward to the other Captive Prince short stories! I know there's more to come (2 more?) and these stories just make me fall in love with C.S. Pacat's writing even more. I am definitely going to be on the look out for her new work, I hope she has one coming out this year!

Content (plot, story flow, character):
Just. I wish it was longer? It wouldn't be a short story if it was but I just want more! I don't think I'll ever get enough of Damen and Laurent, to be honest.

Stunning: Worthy of a Goddess' Praise!

Book Cover:
In the spirit of the simple covers. I like how they're consistent. Haha!

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