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Friday, April 22, 2011

[The Teen Book Scene Blog Tour] Tens List: Hickey of the Beast by Isabel Kunkle

Today I am hosting Isabel on our blog again for her Top Ten Favorite Places to Relax!

I don't know about you but since its the Easter break all I want to do is relax, go to the beach, grab my Kindle or a book and just bask into the awesomeness of the written word. Isabel shares her list to us, so please help me in welcoming her back on Amaterasu Reads!

Favorite Places to Relax:

1. In front of the computer.

This is certainly the most common one. I'm a twenty-first century girl, and have just about everything on my PC: movies via Netflix, books on ereaders, connections with friends via the Internet, and so on.

2. In bed.

There's nothing like lying down and pulling the covers over your head. Especially if it's rainy or windy outside. Sleeping in on a rainy day is one of the things I miss most about not going to work.

3. In a bathtub.

A hot bath, a good book, and I'm pretty much set. I like the water hotter than most people do—I have been accused, at various points, of trying to boil myself alive—and some scented bath beads from time to time.

4. In a hotel room somewhere.

Hotel rooms rock. For one thing, I love to travel: any problems I have seem much smaller once they're a couple cities away. For another, a hotel room lets you relax as per bath, and as per bed, plus you get free cable and room service.

5. At my parents' house.

No room service, but home cooking, cable, and good company. My family's a bunch of introverts, so there are a lot of great evenings where we're just hanging out together, all of us reading or watching TV or whatever. Which isn't to say we don't talk, but we don't feel the need to talk all the time. It's great.

6. On a beach.

Basking in the sun is just one of many, many unhealthy things I enjoy. ;) I always do use sunblock, though, and I never really try to get a tan. It's just great to lie down, dig my toes into the sand, and fall asleep in the sunlight.

7. At the salon.

Massages. Foot massages. Someone else washing my hair. All of these are wonderful things. Plus, I come out looking better—bonus!

8. At a friend's house.

Really, most places with friends. The advantage of being at a friend's house is that you can just sprawl around, indulging in whatever forms of entertainment come to hand, and not worrying about the people at the next table or the shrieking baby ten feet away.

9. On a train.

I love to travel, as I mentioned. Absolutely love it. I'm not crazy about flying, though—which is why trains and buses make me happy. I can read, I can stare out the window and listen to music, or I can fall asleep and wake up three states over.

10. At the library.

Books! Books that I will never have to put into boxes should I move again. (Sixteen moves in ten years, people: that kind of thing leaves a mark.) Moreover, tables at which I can sit and read books, assuming I don't just camp out in the aisles. Libraries rock.

Thanks, Isabel! I dunno about you but I laughed tons while I was reading this post. And woah, 16 MOVES IN TEN YEARS?! My family and I moved a lot (I switched schools 4 times during elementary) but Isabel's just tops mine!

Don't forget to check out my review of HICKEY OF THE BEAST!


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