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Sunday, August 22, 2010

In My Mailbox (4)

I should probably try doing a vlog instead. Hmm... :)

Thanks to Kristi at The Story Siren for hosting an awesome meme, where bloggers post about what books they received that week, be it via mailbox, library or bought from the store.

Here's what I got for this week:

Take Me There by Carolee Dean
Nothing Like You by Laura Strasnick
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Again, Catching Fire isn't mine, I borrowed it from Tina at One More Page. Don't you just love the cover? I'm starting to love hardcovers now, though they're pretty heavy to carry, and a bit of a hassle to bring especially if I want to read on the go (which I actually do, most of the time). ^^

So what books are in your mailbox this week?


  1. Nice! I love hardcovers, but I agree that paperbacks are so much easier to read when on the go. I probably wouldn't bring a hardcover with me, anywhere other than within my room.

    Great books this week-- all of them are in my wishlist.

  2. You got some great books this week. Did you get Catching Fire so that you'd be reading for Mockingjay?

    Happy reading?!

  3. Great mailbox! I still need to read Hunger Games. My IMM Birthday Edition is here.

    From the Shadows

  4. @Cass: plus paperbacks are a lot cheaper than hardcovers! I only buy hardcover versions if I really really like the book!

    @ Lisa: thanks! I'll check out your books too!

    @An: Yep, I have two days to finish Catching Fire before I can read Mockingjay. I am so tempted not to go online on Wednesday (the day Mockingjay comes out) so I won't spoil myself.

    @EJ: You should go read it! It's a really really awesome book! And WOAH! You've got a really impressive books in your IMM meme! I love it!

  5. AH you have Nothing Like You? Grrr ;) haha. You're gonna love Take Me There.. I hope :)

    Happy Reading!

  6. Hey brooke!
    Yep! Was that on your WoW post? ^^ I'm pretty excited to read it!
    Take Me There kind of reminds me of Perfect Chemistry, and I really want to read it!


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